bluebeige designs

project highlights: blue

when i think of the sky, i often think of blue. a blue sky feels like a space with no limits or boundaries. the bare color palette of a blue sky brings a sense of harmony and tranquility. for this project, we highlighted the openness and limitless characteristics of the sky throughout the interior space. with a minimum material palette, the space feels harmonious and continuous. minimum forms or texture interruptions portray openness and tranquility. glass and artificial lighting are utilized beautifully alongside plaster to add movement and light without overwhelming the visual field.

project highlights: peso

this was our first full-scope project. unobstructed interior and exterior views accentuate the beauty and color palette of the curated cherry trees forest outside. the subtle and washed hardwood floors add warmth and play well with the plaster and stainless steel material palette. the architectural volume is more or less a white cube with strategic openings to pull the visual interest toward the curated forest outdoors. simple and hopeful, this house feels like a perfect spring day.

project highlights: bamboo

this project concept is a multi-purpose live-work house in a busy neighborhood without immediate access to nature. we protected the space from the noise and visual pollution of city living with a curated bamboo forest on all ends of the house. the entire white cube volume is hidden inside this forest. and just like a forest, the depth of view is limited which leads to heightened senses and ultimately mindfulness. the intimate connection with this surrounding transfers us to a disconnected world as it washes away the tiredness and stress of the busy streets to create calm and serenity.

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