bluebeige designs

project highlight: blue

when i think of blue, i often think of the sky. there’s a certain feeling of freedom and limitlessness about the sky. i used a very minimal amount of materials, forms and textures to create an illusion of openness and nothingness that sky often feels like. the strategic use of glass also adds lightness and nothingness to the space. i think that’s why the sky often feels limitless. it’s open with no beginning and no end. it’s bare and yet the color has a lot to say.

project highlight: peso

this project is everything all in one. it’s perfection. it’s my first project. for this design, i wanted an unobstructed view and experience from the nature outside, the beautiful cherry trees. the subtle and washed hardwood floor adds warmth and texture to the plaster walls. it’s a white cube with strategic openings. it’s simple. it’s hope like spring. it just makes me smile. it reminds everyone that a clutter-free white cube can be just as meaningful. 

project-in-progress highlight: bamboo

this concept is a multi-purpose home-work space in a city without immediate access to nature. we protected the space from noise and visual pollution with a curated bamboo forest on all ends of the house. like a forest, the depth of view is limited to create a heightened awareness and intimate response to the surroundings. this connection awakens our senses and brings us to the present moment, which leads to a state of mindfulness.