bluebeige designs

project highlights: bamboo

this project is a multi-purpose building in a busy city neighborhood without immediate access to nature or greenery. we protected the space from the noise and visual pollution of city living with a curated bamboo forest on all ends of the house. the white cube volume hides inside the surrounding curated bamboo forest. this intimate enclosure of our immediate surroundings awakens our senses and heightens our cognitive attention to create a multisensory mindfulness experience.

project highlights: blue

for us, a blue sky embodies a sense of boundlessness and freedom. its monotone color palette evokes harmony and tranquility. in this penthouse project, we sought to emulate the expansive and serene qualities of the blue sky by integrating its monotone color palette throughout the interior spaces. by blurring the lines between the interior and exterior views, we aimed to create a seamless connection with the elevated sky view of this unit. the design emphasizes openness and limitlessness, achieved through the strategic use of scale, ample negative space, and a minimal color palette. this approach fosters harmony and connectivity within the space. we extended the theme by employing minimal forms, shapes, and materials in the interior volume, further enhancing the sense of openness and boundlessness inspired by the blue sky.

project highlights: peso

the unobstructed views from the interior and exterior of this commercial building enhance the beauty and vibrant color palette of the carefully curated cherry tree forest surrounding it. inside, the subtle, washed hardwood floors contribute warmth to the space and harmonize beautifully with the plaster and stainless steel materials. the architectural design, characterized by white cube volumes and strategically placed openings, directs the viewer’s gaze toward the captivating scenery outside, creating a seamless connection between the built environment and nature.

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