bluebeige designs is an international design studio based in Austin/Dallas. we create environments that bring architecture, nature and human experience together to promote well-being, mindfulness, and sustainability. our designs utilize natural materials, light, scale and negative spaces to foster connectivity and clarity.

for us, architecture is more than a shelter, an emotion or an experience. architecture is a way to connect – with our surroundings and ourselves. architecture must provoke a holistic response and a connection beyond an emotional reaction. our designs blur the boundaries of interior and exterior environments to foster a seamless relationship between built spaces and their surroundings. our approach to design goes beyond conventional indoor-outdoor design. by engaging all our senses – touch, vision, smell, sound, and taste – our designs create spaces that evoke mindfulness and a profound sense of belonging.

inspired by Zen nonduality, we view architecture and its surroundings as inseparable components of a unified whole. our design philosophy reflects this interconnectedness, ensuring that every element of our projects harmonizes with its environment. good architecture embodies the conditions and design of its surroundings as part of a unified whole. it highlights the inherent qualities of its site and local climate by adding only the necessary to create a safe and integrated living environment.

our environments play a crucial role in shaping our mental and physical well-being. we believe in the innate human desire to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, but achieving this shouldn’t solely rest on individuals. instead, we advocate for environments that actively support and encourage healthy habits and happiness. calm, nature-connected spaces have the power to harness our body’s natural healing properties and gently guide us toward healthier lifestyles.

simple spaces have the remarkable ability to soothe our minds, granting us moments of quiet and serenity, free of distractions and interruptions. in these tranquil settings, we become more attuned to ourselves and our surroundings. these spaces cultivate a deeper connection and conscious awareness of ourselves, our senses and our emotions, which leads to mindfulness. in this manner, architecture transcends its traditional role as a mere structure and becomes a means to a profound connection with ourselves and our surroundings.


Aidin Belganeh

aidin belganeh
founder and chief creative officer
new york school of interior design- associate program
southern methodist university- B.B.A. marketing

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