terms & conditions

  • All orders are made-to-order and final. No exchange, refund or return but we will try to work with you to make you happy.
  • The production time is an estimate that may change depending on the order.
  • bluebeige designs is not responsible for shipments delays, damages or stolen/lost items.
  • All colors are custom with hand-applied plaster. No two-piece can be identical or exact-match.
  • Each piece will vary in tonality, color, texture and characteristics.
  • Images on our website/social media cannot be 100% representative of the true color and characteristics of our products.
  • Plaster is delicate and can naturally scratch, crack, chip, stain, fade and change color.
  • bluebeige designs cannot guarantee durability or be responsible for any damages of any kind.
  • Interior plaster is not intended for outdoor use or wet areas. Please contact us for outside use.
  • Orders can be customized in size, color and texture with possible additional cost and production time.

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